Wedding Packages

The Civil Ceremony Collection


             Civil Ceremony  collection


  • 6 Stunning Blossom Trees

  • 2 5-Arm candelabras with flowers for each side of ceremony table

  • Red/Ivory carpet up to 100 ft

  • Stunning Rustic Floral Arch

  • Trees & Lanterns For Entrance To Room

  • Stunning Unity Arrangement 

  •  Ten 3-6ft Lanterns down runner

  • Loads of floor lanterns

  • T-Lights in holders around room

  • Bay trees and Lanterns by main door entrance

  • Personalised Chalk Board

The Enchanted Forest Package


This Is Every Item That is  In Our Diamond Package But With  10 Blossom Trees  Or Arched Trees Down The Aisle As In Above Picture And Our Rustic Wooden Floral Arch For Inside Church And Green Arch 

Cermony & Venue Decor For 1300 Amazing Value